Chicken being strangled by python 😭


Sep 7, 2021
Last night, my disabled chicken, Roma, who could not walk, was strangled to death and eaten by a big carpet python. She was 4 months old, and the sweetest chicken I had ever laid eyes on. Even though she was young, she kept safe my other chicks, who were only around 2 months old. I heard her scream at 1am and ran out of bed to check on them. The other little ones were gathered a little away from her, not sure what was happening. I got my parents but was told she was already gone, so while it was busy, I ran into the coop and grabbed the little ones and put them inside. All 24/7 pest control services in our area weren’t responding, so I was told there was nothing we could do until morning. And in the morning, there was nothing left of her. We called a snake catcher and he also gave us a lot of tips to help further fortify our coop. The young ones will be sleeping with me until better protection has been added. Roma was a beautiful chicken, and to try and better myself from this, I have to ask.

Is there anything I could have done in that moment to save her?


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Jan 16, 2021
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I don't think you should tamper with a python whilst they're consuming your bird since you could be bitten and your bird likely already perished.

If there was a chance your chicken was still alive, vodka sprayed on the mouth would make the python let go, I've also heard that an ice cube rubbed on its nose will stop it. They will regurgitate their food if they feel threatened so that they can escape, swallowing and digesting is a long process and they're very vulnerable for a while when they're eating.

I'm sorry to hear that you lost Roma. I don't think there was anything you could've done, most of the time when a snake starts swallowing their victim is already dead or is past the point of saving. Sending hugs your way:hugs

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