chicken boycotting laying and others not laying yet

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  1. theroad2home

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    Oct 16, 2009
    My wife and I are new to the chicken thing. We started in March of this past year with 4 and now are up to 17 chickens and 3 ducks!
    We have a EE that has been laying for about 2 months now and also a White Orphington that was laying. We had to move some chickens around to make room and she stopped laying. That was also 2 months ago. She is acting fine, not loosing any feathers or sitting on any eggs. Will she ever start laying again !!!
    Also we have 2 brown leghorns and 2 RIR that were hatched in early May and no eggs yet! We live in NH and it is starting to get dark around 5:30 6:00 pm.
    I am staring to think that we broke our girls! [​IMG]
    any info would be great as we are still learning
  2. wombat

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    Jun 23, 2009
    The change might have thrown off the layers, they will probably come back to laying soon.

    The young RIRs are probably about 3-8 weeks from laying, mine usually start between 23-28 weeks. I have one from this spring that is a RIR mutt that's not laying yet at week 30. I'm not sure when leghorns come into lay.

    My 1st year RIRs and sex-links generally lay through the winter, just at a slower rate. 2nd and 2+ years stop for molt.

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