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Jan 4, 2020
Arlington Washington
Thats a good possibility. The one that lays the tan colored eggs was hatched from Foxfire. Along with two black Isbars and a white (technically a splash, but has only one black mark). The one that lays tan eggs and the almost solid white one are not breeding quality. If we do choose to separate the Isbars to breed, they won’t be in that group.

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Feb 12, 2013
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Blue isbars came under my radar when a chicken friend said there was another chicken lady in the valley. I met here at a Christmas goods sale where she was selling her eggs. The spotted mint green egg caught my eye and I was hooked.
Also the roosters are not overly large and will not hurt a hen.


Jan 21, 2021
Hello! I have recently introduced to The Russian Orloff breed, which is critically endangered and I fell in love with them. They have several traits that are perfect for us and our current flock. I'd like to know if anyone knows how to purchase them, locally. I found a few hatchery sites, but I really don't want to ship them. I'd rather buy in-state even of I have to drive a ways. I am in Verona, NY which is about half an hour from Syracuse.



Jun 22, 2020
Warwick, NY
I am raising my first bunch of Isbar chickens from Greenfire Farm and I LOVE them. I wound up with four roosters (2 blue, 1 black, and 1 splash) and the rest black pullets. Some of the ladies have a pronounced khaki colored collar, some have a varying degree of one, and some are just pure black. The black feathers sometimes look like they have a mallard green sheen and other times have a rich purple sheen. Here is one gal (caught stealing a sip of dog water) who has a more pronounced collar
I find them to be EGGSELLENT foragers
, as well as inquisitive and friendly. I have not lost any to predators (yet) as I have other breeds (yes- there are breeds I have discovered I just can't keep around because they will mingle with the skunks or invite the hawks to tea
I am just now starting to get EGGS!! It is the best treasure hunt every day, because not all eggs are the same! Sometimes I have a hard time telling them from the Cream Legbar eggs, but other times the greens are just simply mindblowing! Here is a picture of two that I collected yesterday afternoon
Here is one of my roosters who is 15 weeks old now

And I can't leave out Hank... He is also 15 weeks old, and he is the most vocal and the sweetest of all the roos- used to jump into my lap and hang his head over my arm and go to sleep!! Now he's too big and "grown up" for such nonsense
Awwww he is beautiful

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