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being chased by a chicken army
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May 21, 2020
That's a wonderful question. Who decides these things? I'm considering writing a letter to that person comparing and contrasting chickens to dogs, and the accompanying ordinances, as well as the fairness of said ordinances.
Darn...I just realized that the chicken laws are actually pretty fair where I am (we can even have roosters!) And I don't think that writing to the people in charge of the things in a state where I don't live has much point.


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May 5, 2020
In the depths of contemplation in Hawaii
Most feral chickens in Hawaii are descended from jungle fowl and random other chickens that have gotten loose/set free over generations. Majority of roosters are red/brown/green with long legs and neck but do not look quite like game fowl. Hens are mostly different shades of brown. Some of the roosters are just stunning. You do see white based roos sometimes. We have one that wonders in our yard, he is mostly white with black spots. My daughter named him Travis!
In our local nature park, where there are whole colonies of feral chickens, I recently saw what I am sure is a purebred Bielefelder roo. He was gorgeous and had quite the harem with him.
I believe that some people "relocate" their extra roos, or other chickens they do not want to such places. So most feral chickens in Hawaii are mixed breeds.:)

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