Chicken Breed


Feb 3, 2018
NE Ohio
These two were given to me in July and I was told they are Ameraucanas. Didn't know whether there was anything you can tell by pictures whether they are or not. Thank you!

Gretchen.jpg Maisie.jpg
Well I was just having a gut feeling they were Easter Eggers. These weren't from a hatchery. Just someone raising their own chickens. The one on the left just laid her first egg yesterday and it was a little blue one and the other one has started laying too and hers are blue. I'm ok with this as I was really just wanting blue egg layers and surprisingly my "olive" eggers are laying ones that are light blue to light green so I guess there was no panic about having blue egg layers. Oh well!! :rolleyes: These girls have finally settled in with the other girls although I know they are definitely low in the pecking order. They are letting me handle them more now. Great to see them warming up! Thanks for you input and compliments!

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