Chicken Breeds and Pictures of Them


Sep 12, 2020
Stafford, Virginia
I have decided i am going to make this thread to get information about different types of chickens.
So far, i have made an Orpington post, and that was very helpful. If you have a cool breed of chickens, could you please list some facts about your birds? So far i have White Leghorn. (and Orpington, jeez their pretty)
Thank you!
EDIT: If you have an Easter egger or olive egger, can you tell if they lay eggs and what colors they are? Blue and green are the main colors but i was wondering if their was a difference.
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BYC has a breed focus project which could help.

First time with Wyandottes, and I love them. My cockerel Lord Ickenham got a lot of photos taken of him. He is silver laced. Sorry - pic heavy.
What breeds are you looking for? I currently have biels, d'Uccles, d'Anvers, RIRs, EEs, SS, and a bantam cochin. I've had a bunch of other breeds, but one here and one there, so less info on those.
Basically any breed, what is a SS? I have RIRS and EEs, so no need for them as i can just go look at them, biels maybe?
Basically any breed, what is a SS? I have RIRS and EEs, so no need for them as i can just go look at them, biels maybe?
SS, speckled sussex. She's super friendly, is 7 (?), and top hen. Really pretty. I'll dig up pictures later.

This is my first year with the Bielefelders so far, but I'm LOVING them!!! They are autosexing, like legbars. They mature a lot slower, didn't get any eggs till almost 7 months old, but they are super friendly. I hatched them out or GIANT light brown eggs that I got from a breeder. I have some pullets that like to jump up on my arm and chat with me. I'll find pics later. They have similar patterning to the Legbars.
Standard phoenixes. Got my first 4 a few years ago (4 I think)). It was an older trio (already 2 or 3 at the time) and a feathered out pullet about 10 weeks.

Since then they have multiplied to 7 related adults, and 7 related grow outs plus a trio unrelated I added just to loosen the strain on genetics. This count doesn't include about 30 that I'm not keeping/have already moved on, plus 3 I was going to keep but got into accidents

Lots of colors have come out of the originals, which were all golden duckwings.

Excellent brood mamas, taking giant clutches and often open to adopting if done right away.

Not sure in egg count since they're always building nests hidden away and coming back with babies, but I once found one that had 30 eggs before I pulled duds out

They live to roost, and the mama roosting here took her babies about 15 feet in the air at 6 weeks old to roost


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