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    Dec 17, 2014
    I have a Rhode Island Red that suddenly can't get up. I looked at her and it seems as though her legs won't hold her up very well. I put her on the ground and she was able to move forward a few inches but then sort of collapsed turned on her side. She seems otherwise alert and okay. I put her in one of the nesting boxes with food and water, but she won't last long at this rate. What could be wrong with her and is there anything we can do to get her back to normal?
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    Welcome to BYC. How old is your hen? It sounds as though she may be showing signs of paralysis, which could be from possible Mareks disease. There are other conditions that could be possible such as botulism, or others depending on her age. Do you know if she was vaccinated for Mareks? Botulism comes from eating a toxin in decayed animal or vegetable matter, and involves progressive paralysis of legs, then wings, then neck and eyelids, then death. Lead or chemical poisoning could also be possible, but Mareks is fairly common, unfortunately. There are 4 different types of Mareks, and one type causes paralysis in one or both legs, wings, or neck. Don't take this as a diagnosis, however, but read some of these links:'s_Disease
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    Dec 18, 2014
    I lost two hens to this. They were walking around with what appeared to be painful crippled leg (one had a bad left leg, and the other had a bad right leg). The research says that there's not anything that can be done with central nervous system diseases and eventuallly they did die.
    However, when this happened to one of my prized roosters I got depressed and desperate. He was fine one day and then overnight it was his right leg that was paralysed and he couldn't even stand.
    Again, out of deperation I started using MMS, this is the product I read and heard about through the internet. I had even used it on myself for varying ailments. I gave it a go with my game-cock. My friends, after two days he no longer had the clawed toes, after three days he was standing on the bad leg, after four days he was walking with a bad limp, but after a week he is running around again and we have difficulty catching him to give him his medicine.
    I'm telling you that this MMS is the real deal.
    Now I am using it on my hens, bantams and chicks that show signs of flu, I have lost a few to the one-eye cold, they lived but only have one eye. This is no good for a game-cock but I keep the hens if they are good mothers and a good breed.
    Friends, MMS really works. It is called Miracle Mineral Supplement discovered by Jim Humble. Do some research and get some for yourself and for your birds.

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