Chicken COOP math ???

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    O.K. I am new to chickens and I have been following this message board religiously. So I understand chicken math. Ours don't get here from Ideal until the first full week in April. When I go by TSC to get supplies and see the little chickies it is hard not to get some. Our original plan was to get 5 or 6 chicks...that became 16... then to minimize the chance of roosters we ordered 25!! Luckily a friend is buying my extra to get us back to 16.
    But no one on this board said anything about Coop math!!! We had planned to get an 8x10 build it yourself storage shed to convert to a coop. My wife looked in the paper and found a sale, so we ended up with an 8x16 for $200 less!! I had planned on 2 separate 20x20 runs. But while we are building the coop, my wife looks around and says we should extend the run. So now it will be about double the size!!
    Our 16 little hens should have plenty of room and I should be able to store all the feed out in the coop.[​IMG]
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    I know what your talking about. We have one big horse barn, lots of stalls. One large pig barn, and a few goat barns (not very big).
    We started out with only using one goat barn. One turned into two, which turned into three, and now I am eye balling the pig barn..... Hubbie is very sweet (he should be he has chickens too), he just says "Yes dear". [​IMG]
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    Smart man. Those two little words make for a happy marriage... at least for one of you!

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