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    Apr 14, 2013
    Ok so here's the story. In May, my wife was diagnosed with this medical condition called "Farmer's Lung". Here's a link so that you can read about it:

    In short if she is exposed to this mold/fungus that occurs naturally in bird poop, her lungs bleed. The double whammy was we were in the bird business. From Quail to Ostrich, we had everything and anything you can think of. Bensen and Mearns Quail, Temmincks Tragopan Pheasants, etc etc. Even our chickens were imported.

    Well... the ostriches have been sold except for 2 trios. The pheasants are gone except for one pair of Temmincks that my wife wanted to keep, and our egg and meat chickens. But... she can't be exposed to them or their waste.

    While watching Treehouse Masters on TV I had an idea... If I built coops for them in the trees, WAY deep in the woods, off the ground, then not only would there be no way for the dust/mold to get to her, but I would also have the ability to work the soil under the pens to ensure that waste would be completely and naturally composted.

    So thus begins the next chapter in our farming journey... the tear down of the long barn and the construction of something new in the trees. If anyone has ever tried this before, I'd sure like to talk to you lol! Otherwise this is going to be one of those wild trailblazing journeys that no one knows how it will end. But it sure will be interesting to say the least...!


    So what is getting torn down is that REALLY long 140' x 35' barn in the background behind the white truck... Stay tuned. :)
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    Apr 30, 2014
    I am sorry to hear about your wife's condition but am glad to hear how you two are tackling this new chapter in your lives.

    Keep us posted!
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    Apr 14, 2013
    Ah thanks :) It's just one of those bumps life sometimes throws into the road. I planted 3 acres of pumpkins for a "U Pick" pumpkin patch for the fall this past weekend. Brought in a bunch of super hot pepper seeds, as well as various forms of eucalyptus to start getting some nursery traffic through here. There is no sense in having all this land if it's not going to pay lol :) But I've REALLY gotten used to farm fresh meat and eggs. As you know, nothing in the grocery store begins to touch it. I'm incredibly thankful that this condition she has is treatable. So if we get to have some fun along the way... why not?
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