Chicken Coughing for over a Year


6 Years
Aug 17, 2013
Hi all,

I have posted about my faverolle, Aurora and this problem before but it is still on going.

This problem started around March 2015. She began this quiet cough/sneeze thing. At first it was just a couple of times a day, and then got a bit louder and a bit more consistent.
This is more like a cough than a sneeze, she opens her mouth and stretches her neck out, and sounds like its coming from her throat/lungs, not her nose. No mucus has ever come out, it's very dry sounding. Other than this she has no other symptoms.

Long story short, over the past year and a halfish she has been to the vets about 15 times.
She has been on 4 different antibiotics, no improvement.
She has been on a long dose of a fungal medication, no improvement.
The vet tried an endoscopy but her throat was too swollen to fit it down, they did an xray instead which was clear.
I have tried all sorts from trying different bedding to currently having just newspaper to be rid of as much dust as possible and putting grass down in their enclosure to stop it being dusty, giving apple cider vinegar, etc.

Nothing helps. She is up and down, sometimes she is pretty quiet for days at a time and then randomly she will start this cough which is now at the stage which can carry on for hours at a time - which pretty much stops her from doing anything when it happens as it is now so loud and constant.

It's getting to the stage where the coughing fits looks so stressful I'm considering if it would be kinder to put her to sleep, which would completely break my heart.
She's also so loud when this happens I'm concerned about the noise as I have close neighbours.

She lives with 4 other hens in a large enclosure and 6x4 shed as a coop. All other hens are fit and healthy.

Does anyone have anyone idea what this could be?

Thanks for reading.

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