Chicken covered in weird bumps


Jan 30, 2019
My 5 year old frizzle/silkie mix is covered in these weird little brownish bumps and has a large rough patch on her chest (pics below). I was thinking maybe it could be a case of fowl pox or some kind of mites, but I could be totally off

She isn't acting lethargic or anything and she seems to be eating and drinking well.

To be safe, I isolated her in one of our temporary pens and cleaned out the one she was in and washed my clothes. I also put some antibiotic ointment on her. She is one of my sweetest chickens and I am so upset that something happened to her, so I am really hoping there is a way to help

I'm not sure how useful this information will be but I feed my chickens 16% layer feed with scratch grain thrown in sometimes along with the occasional treat thrown in

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I haven't seen pox that looked like that on a beak, but it is more than likely what you are dealing with. Look inside her beak with a light for any yellow plaques, which would indicate wet fowl pox. Fowl pox is a virus carried by mosquitoes that can spread slowly through a flock. The dropped scabs are very contagious and can be inhaled to keep spreading the virus for a long time. Most grown birds recover well in about 3 weeks. It can be very hard on young chicks though, and the wet form can be deadly from lesions in the breathing passages. Chickens who get it will be immune to it later. There is a vaccine available for birds who haven’t caught it. Here is some reading with a lot of pictures of the disease:

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