Chicken CT scan posted here!


5 Years
Jun 20, 2018
Big Bend, Wisconsin
We had a lame Cemani rooster.
First limping, then flat out, could only flop around in a circle on the ground. My mind immediately went to mereks.
Two trips to the university hospital in Madison, Wisconsin, xrays, bloodwork and the CT (I think this is the CT scan anyway- he had quite a few advanced imaging tests done) scan blow, reveals that he had an old wound that he got from jumping off a roost (I recall the injury and limping) that actually had two fractures- one on the pelvic and one on the femur. They’re small and nothing can be done. Unfortunately it may be a chronic thing for him and he may not ever be allowed a roost more than a few feet off the ground (and anyone with AC knows they are the highest of the highest roosters in the chicken world.)
I am proud to say- after keeping him off his feet for 24 hours a day - he is walking and roosting - albeit low- perfectly fine and back to his bratty self.
Tthink about that- keeping an 8 month old cockerel off his feet for three weeks means in the house and literally hands on around the clock without a break. It was a team effort for sure! He couldn’t be left in a cage! And did I mention he’s a punk?!
I thought other chicken keepers may enjoy this.
I will post the other advanced imaging test next.
The very fascinating imaging is a min and 11 seconds long and it walks you through the top of the bird all the way down the body stopping in the problematic areas. Unfortunately it won’t let me upload to YouTube from my phone because of the length. But I’ll do it when I get back. It is very neat!

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