Chicken died others bloody poop, HELP!

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Apr 30, 2013
I live in N.E. Tennessee
i keep my 4 new chickens in a box in my basement (they are approx one month old) i took them outside in a larger cage for some fresh air and grass etc. They were fine when I put them back in their box last night. Today I discovered one of them dead, with its guts hanging out (assuming the others had picked at it after its death) One I noticed was pooping a clear/bloody discharge. One is not acting as actively and the other seems to be fine. I called the local farm supply, she suggested Corid but they had none. I called Tractor Supply, they have Corid for cows, can that be used for chickens as well or is there a special chicken formula, i need a quick response for fear the other 3 will die also. Thanks
Corid for cows is EXACTLY what you need, either the 9.6% liquid solution or the 20% soluable powder.

Amen. Dosage for Corid 9.6% liquid is 2 tsp per gallon of water. Corid 20% powder is 1 to 1.5 tsp per gallon of water. Make a fresh drinking solution each day for 7 days. After that, supplement water with vitamins-electrolytes & probiotics for 3-5 days. I use Probios and Avian Super Pack supplements as an immune system builder 2-3 days a week, in addition to a well balanced layer ration. It is a good idea to use Corid as a preventative with chicks from 2-3 weeks old up until at least 7 months of age. Preventative dosage is half of what I listed above, done 5 days a week. I do not use medicated feed.
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