Chicken Distress


Jun 1, 2016
I have lost 5 chickens in the last 1.5 with no signs of sickness until that day when I either found them dead or they wont get up and then later that day they passed. I have now treated them for upper respiratory infection and coccydosis by medicine in water 2xs now. Yesterday Another one of my chickens wouldnt get up, so this morning I brought her in and have been watching her. I thought maybe it was too hot. I dont know if I need to vaccinate them again or if something else is going on. The chicken just wont stand up, seems alert but keep the feathers spread out and will drink if you make it. My chickens are about 3.5 months old. Any thoughts on what is going on??
It is time to get a necropsy by the state vet, or get a few tested. Respiratory diseases, coccidiosis, and diseases causing immunity problems, such as Mareks could be problems. You can get droppings checked by a vet for coccidia or worms. Antibiotics, such as Tylan or oxytetracycline can treat bacterial or mycoplasma respiratory diseases. Has there been any evidnece of weight loss or paralysis of an extremety? Has it been 1.5 weeks or months that you have lost these chickens? Sorry for your loss.
it's been 1.5 months.. I lost 5 within 2 days.. then 2wks went by and nothing until this silkie.. It looks like the chicken can move it's legs when u pick it up, but not much.. it's like it's lifeless and keeps its wings out like they are broke, but I can bend them and bend the legs.. holds its head up..I am just worried about over medicated them.. the respiratory antibotics says every 21 days and the corid doesn't give a waiting period that I could find..
Can you say what dosage you were giving for the cocci medicine? Corid is good for cocci. The dosage is 2 tsp of the powder per gallon of water for 5 days. You can give a lesser dosage after that if you are still seeing symptoms. Guessing what is wrong is not the way to go about this. I would get a vet to see her, or do a necropsy if you lose another one.
It sounds at that age like Mareks. I had the same symptoms at the same age. I just kept losing one after the other with at first just finding the birds fine one day and dead the next. Then one day my one bird showed paresis of both her legs and wrnt down hill along with an impacted crop. After state lab full necropsy it confirmed Mareks. Mareks hits birds from 5-25 weeks but usually you will start getting deaths just before maturity of laying eggs between 4-6 months of age. They look fine then just drop dead. Also i didnt realize how underweight they were until i picked them up. The feathers really hide the weight loss.

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