Chicken doesn't eat meal worms!


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May 31, 2019
Moore County, NC
Not the only one. I have experienced this oddity before as well. I eventually stopped trying and after a break of not offering for a few months, they went crazy for them the next time. My very first chicks were like that. They enjoy them now, at a year old. I should add that they liked the meal worms that came in the small packs that weren't dried. I have found that the later age that I start offering them, the more they like them. I have some wierdo chickens though and I know this because they got their weirdness from me :lol:


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Aug 7, 2020
Just found this thread after searching "chicken doesn't like mealworms" on google. I have a similar situation...I have 6 birds total: 2 Buff Orps, 2 Easter Eggers, a Barred Rock, and a New Hampshire. They all go nuts for mealworms, except the New Hampshire. She seems to have no interest in them. Sometimes she'll try one, and then just stop and stand off to the side, waiting for me to get her something else. She has always been that way. She loves sunflower seeds, though.


May 17, 2020
My chick doesn't seem to like meal worms... 3 others would kill for them... My RIR doesn't care for them lol. Am I the only person who has a weird chicken like this?
When I first started my 2 girls on treats, they loved dried meal worms. After I gave them some live ones, they permanently and firmly turned their beaks up from the dried ones. Wouldn't touch them. They're very spoiled pets.


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Nov 10, 2020
Sydney, Australia
Glad my chicks are not the only ones not eating meal worms. I bought a box of meal worms but my 8 weeks old chicks don't have any interest in them. They like slugs and caterpillars, but have no interest in meal worms nor earthworms. Do they need to learn what to eat? I was surprised that chickens can have a unique preference, eg my chicks love blueberries, but they only like the flesh, not the skin. So we peeled the skin off for them and this time around the chickens are training us very well.


Sep 16, 2020
Scottsdale, AZ
We have a CCR who never liked them until she hit about 3 months. Before that she turned her beak up at them! She likes them now, but it was always weird for me, I had never had a chick refuse them before!

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