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It would be best to keep your chicks and ducks separated because ducks are messy and chicks can get damp and chill and die. You don't say how old your ducks are either and putting baby chicks in with adult ducks or even week old ducklings is asking for trouble. They can injure or kill baby chicks. Same would be if you had chickens that were older than ducklings and wanted to try and put them together .


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May 17, 2017
My geese ducks and chickens do free range together. So that may be doable something you can try.
You could try that although my Ducks and Chickens free range separately ...I have an electric mesh fence to keep mine apart...My Ducks hate the Chickens.... could be okay maybe they will be separate maybe they won't be but my ducks are so mellow and sweet they come running up to me and wag their tails. And the chicks I'll be socializing them and picking them up like I did the ducks and hopefully they just won't be nasty to us humans ....when it comes to each other it's more so instinct I guess ....

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