Chicken egg accidentally put into the fridge overnight day 9 into 10! Any advice?


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Jun 10, 2022
Hello! My landlord mistook an incubating egg under one of the chickens to be a sneaker by another chicken and put it into the fridge, with me not learning what had occurred until the next morning. It was at day 9ish of incubation( i had been monitoring the indoor incubator and tried to be more hands-off with the broody mamas). Veins are/were still present as of yesterday morning when returning to room temperature( i initially checked to ensure it was not a dud). The other eggs still under broody mamas were at roughly the same stage of development( I went out and checked them). It's now been in the incubator for a little over a day, no cracks, or weird smells or weeping of fluids. I'm not really seeing any movement today but I'm unsure if I should be or not. I thought I saw a bit last night. I've never incubated before so I am unsure if its doing ok. Thanks! Pics included I tried to get all sides. I dont want to give up on them if they are still fighting


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You can keep it for a few more days and see what happens. If it is still alive, expect it to develop slower and hatch later. I wouldn't get my hopes up though.
I dont want to give up on them if they are still fighting
welcome to BYC! :frow

It's hard to tell anything in your pics.

My eggs accidentally collected to the fridge (especially midstage) usually didn't make it. Your mileage may vary.

Eggs subjected to power outage in one batch with a lengthy temperature drops midstage while I wasn't home saw 50% deformed toes.. that got worse with weight and age. I knew the boys would be harvested anyways, but I should have dispatched at hatch. Lesson learned.

Mark the eggs under your broody.. sharpie works well, a circle going around the egg in each direction is usually easy to see and avoid collecting.

How excellent that your land lord let's you have animals and helps out when possible.

More than one broody at a time *can* be a recipe for disaster. Hopefully you have a plan and it all works out! :fl

Happy hatching! :jumpy:jumpy

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