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    Jun 13, 2016
    My chicken was seen with his eyeball like the photo and I had to wait till night to get him. I tried to clean and put antibiotic drops. What should I do? What can I do? [​IMG]

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    Hi[​IMG] Welcome To BYC

    Does he have any respiratory symptoms - coughing, sneezing, etc.?

    Most eye infections are cause by respiratory illness, a peck/wound to the eye or getting debris/dust in the eye.

    Gently flush the eye with saline or sterile water, try to remove and pus or debris that you see. Apply antibiotic eye drops, Vetericyn eye gel or Terramycin eye ointment to the eye.

    Offer him some poultry vitamins and watch to see that he is drinking well. He may also benefit from some extra protein like egg or tuna in addition to his normal feed.

    Keep us posted.

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