Chicken Farts

I've heard some of my girls toot. Took me by surprise. Sometimes when I'm doing the roost head count at night I'll do something different to see if I get a reaction. If I let one rip they start making comments that sound like, "Oh my!", "Did you hear that?", "Well I never!", "Hope it doesn't stink.", etc. Once when it was hot and I had my shirt off, I cupped my hand under my armpit and started cranking my arm to get repeated fart sounds (something I did as a kid). The whole place went absolutely wild; they were all standing up hollering in a clamor with me dancing around and laughing out loud. It was really funny.
Oh gah, I was cleaning the roos beard he had pine resin in it.
I had him in my lap and his bare butt was on my belly "ill fitting work shirt".
I guess I hurt him, he farted hard enough to spank my belly.
The resulting noise made him leap from my lap and sound the predator alarm.
No barking spiders are going to get my boy! :lau
Got to love this thread.:lol:
I discovered they fart a long time ago but it took a couple more years before I heard one give a flat out belch.
I would need some slow motion film to prove this but I think they pick their noses too.:D

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