Chicken game of "Rock 'n Roll"

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by MrsChickendad, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. MrsChickendad

    MrsChickendad Songster

    Jun 18, 2008
    Lennon, Michigan
    The weather was absolutely beautiful this afternoon, so I let the girls out to roam while I weeded the raised flower bed behind the garage and could keep an eye on them. Suddenly I had two pullets at my side trying to crowd in where I was working. I've been trying to get these "big girls" accustomed to being handled but they are still a little skittery. So I rolled over a big chunk of the stacked cement retaining wall and voila! Bugs, worms, creepy crawlies. It was Christmas for Chickens! Pretty soon I was rolling over all the top pieces and I had all eight big girls going crazy. Big crickets were jumping like popcorn. Even our junior bantam roo got in on the action and he is a little "big chicken". I must be nuts (or pathetic. . .), but it was one of the best times I've had all summer. Rock 'n Roll!![​IMG]
  2. Kuki

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    Aug 29, 2008
    Cute! Chickens are the best pest control...ALOT better then a can o raid![​IMG]
  3. Year of the Rooster

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    Jun 27, 2008
    West Central Ohio
    I know!! The weather here was great too! It was even warm enough for me to let my little 3 day olds to roam outside (with my supervision of course [​IMG]) They had a ball! We put a cicada down by them and they went NUTS! [​IMG] As of now they're all plum tuckered out and napping like the little babies they are. [​IMG] Chickens are so fun [​IMG]

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