Chicken has balance issues

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    Feb 18, 2013
    Hi all, one of my hens was attacked by a fox last weekend but I managed to get to her in time.
    She seemed ok at the time but in shock and lost a lot of feathers.
    (usually in a run but I let them roam if I am at home during the day)

    Having been away all week, she seems to struggle with her balance, she can walk but prefers to sit and no longer climbs up to her perch preferring to sit on a bench close to the floor.

    Having inspected her. not easy as she still has a tonne of feathers, she seems to have some lacerations on her back towards the tail.
    She also doesn't seem to be able to raise her tail which I am wondering may be the issue?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated on possible injuries and how best to treat her cuts, I don't have a chicken vet nearby and don't want to put her down myself, particularly as she doesn't seem to be in any pain and is happy to come out for a walk and drink and then just sit.


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