Chicken has lump on wing!

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    Aug 18, 2011
    We recently bought 13 chickens and I noticed one of the little ones (not sure what type, maybe old english bantam?) had a droopy wing. It wasn't apparent when we first got her, but in the last few weeks it has gotten to the point where it get in the way of her walking. I brought her in the house last night and found a nasty looking lump, about an inch wide. I put some disinfectant on it and took some photos to show you guys, and now I'm not sure what else to do! After reading around the forums, I think she's probably too small to amputate as it could probably kill her...

    Other than it getting in the way of her walking, it doesn't seem to bother her. She didn't mind me handling her and pulling her wing around to investigate, and she didn't flinch when I started feeling around the lump. She's the most active lady out in the run, and you wouldn't know she had any problem if it weren't for her droopy wing. I was thinking maybe for now I could trim her feathers to make it easier for her to move around? Is this something that I can help at all? Or is it a culling situation? :X
    [​IMG] so cuuuute ;___;


    Sorry for the bad photos, it's difficult to get a decent one with a cellphone in a bathtub!
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    Looks like some sort of wound. Is that blood on it? You need to clean it up and get a good look at it. Is it broken?

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