Chicken has no balance/acts drunk after dust bath.


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Mar 19, 2011
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Our 3 month old arucana Punky love to take dust baths. After hogging the prime spot in the garden under the tomato plants. Note she does not eat any of the tomato plants. When she is done, she has a lot of trouble getting up. She has no balance and her legs collapse under her. She eventually gets up and stumbles around a bit. She usually has a big runny poop and then recoveres within a few more minutes and starts running around with the rest of the chicks just fine. Her behavior is almost like her legs fell asleep or she is drunk.

Anyone else observe this with theri birds?
Should we be worried?

Thanks for any advice.
First off,

I am sure someone else with technical advice can tell you more about this, but I have observed the same thing in my chickens and quail. They will spend a really long time dust bathing and then when they get up they are still in that "dust bathing mode" of pushing with their legs, laying on their sides. It's is as if the brain is still telling the bird to "stay in the dust bath area"!

So I don't think it is anything to worry about. She is just enjoying a good bath
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