Chicken has open wound, yellow skin!!! *graphic picture* please help


6 Years
Aug 1, 2017
Hello please help me!!

Spent the morning outside with my girls everyone seemed fine. Came outside to find the dog standing over my barred rock she wasn’t moving. Calling the dogs off her I see she has an open wound and her skin is very yellow around it. There are also three giant hawks circling the property. We put the other girls back in our coop and I’ve got Betsy (my hurt girl) inside with me. I don’t think the dogs attacked her, it may have been the hawks and the dogs were just investigating. Has anyone ever seen a wound like this? She’s got yellow firm skin is this an infection and both the dogs and hawk not to blame? More importantly how can I treat her??

She is a 1.5 year old barred rock again completely fine earlier today we couldn’t have been inside more than 30-40 minutes. All the other birds appear fine. Any help appreciated!!!! I am thinking about just taking her to a vet but I’ve called three in my area no one treats chickens. I can post better pictures too.
If you have Vetericyn, I would spray it on her back wound twice a day. Plain Neosporin ointment is also good to use. If she appears to be in shock, place her in a basket or dog crate with food and water, in a quiet dim area. When she seems alert and can stand, offer her some water and food. Chopped egg or bits of tuna are usually accepted well. Hopefully she has no internal injuries. Once the wounds have scabbed over, BluKote spray is very good to use as an antiseptic and to hide the pink tissue from pecking.
Ok. I have both of those I can do that. Any suggestions on cleaning the wound ? The hole is big I’m scared to make things worse. Does it look like a hawk should I keep the other girls in their coop too? Should i cover the wound up or let it open to air?

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