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    Aug 4, 2010
    Hello, I'm a new member to BackYeadChickens and new to raising chickens.
    I started two months ago with 4 egg laying red hens (maybe Catalana), 12 meat chickens-30 days old (half of them "bear necks" the other half probably Catalana) as well as a cock my uncle gave me (looks like a Dominique).
    We feed them a organic vegetable meal mixed with cracked corn.
    My husband & I have been reading up on the passion of raising chickens, and found your web site while surfing the net.
    We run a restaurant in Northern Italy located on the foothills of the Alps. (we recycle most of our food scraps to the chickens everything else gets put in the composter)
    In addition to our chicken coop, we have two dogs (a dalmation and a mix greed), a tabby cat and a canary bird.

    My questions is:
    One of the chicks keeps his eyes closed, while walking around and bumps into everything.
    Upon investigating one eye seemed to have a crust built up keeping it closed, while the other was very watery.
    I washed the eyes with a luke warm/cold Camomile tea bag.
    Although he didn't like it, this seems to work, the next few days, he kept his eyes somewhat open but they were still watery.
    He started to isolate himself under the chicken coop what seems like all day. Infact, everynight, except once I've had to pull him out from under the house at night to put him inside, when all the other chicks and hens had already retreated to the coop.
    Once inside he'll eat and drink.

    Yesterday, I noticed that he didn't exit the coop in the morining. Seems like he's sleepy. His eyes were closed again, so I washed his eyes for the second time with new camomile tea bag, brought him to eat and drink which he did very little then slept again.

    Today, he didn't exit again. Sleeps all day ..... Any suggestions?
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    Sorry to hear about this. Watery eyes could mean a number of things.....Mareks or Newcastle disease, or a respiratory illness. You should definitely isolate the chick, and I would give it vitamins/electrolites and some Duramayacin in it's drinking water. I would get him away from the rest of your flock quickly, as an illness can wipe out the whole flock.

    Good luck to you!

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