chicken hatching duck eggs?


11 Years
May 31, 2012
We want to tell a story still developing. We have 3 white Runners and 4 Rouens. Based on what we see all the time going on out back, we believe our duck eggs must be fertile, but the ducks show no interest in sitting on them.

We advertised locally and found a broody NJ Giant who was not wanted by her owner. We put Big Girl (BG) on 11 duck eggs. Over several days it became apparent that BG had lost interest in sitting on her downstairs nest all the time and preferred to explore and enjoy her new surroundings and treats. Our cranky Buff O, Louise, then started acting broody--must be something in the air. So we put her on the same eggs. She has become an unmovable object. Sometimes stares off to the South; other times she points SW, but that is the max of her movements: She is truly dedicated to her job.

But does she know what she's doing?

It's been about 3 weeks and we are curious yet don't want to disturb Louise. BG finally starting sleeping in the same coop as Louise and in the first couple days of their being near each other, BG vocalized a lot and seemed to be asking Louise to get off her eggs.Today, tho she still has no breast feathers, BG seems done with broodiness.
We are puzzled yet entertained by all this.
Just keep in mind that duck eggs take 28 days , so you have another week or so to wait. I have a broody chicken setting on duck eggs as well, but not due till June 9th. I also slipped some banty chicken eggs under her a week after she started setting. I'm thinking it will be an interesting brood.

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