Chicken injured leg, how to cure?

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  1. oliviaandjosh4

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    Apr 28, 2014
    I noticed a week or so ago that my Lavender Orpington hen was walking with a limp. Then this past week she wouldn't even come out of the coop or even down of the roost. So we got her out of coop and sat her on ground and she wouldn't even try to walk like she couldn't. So we picked her up and looked at her legs and one looked like it was pulled out of the socket, it was sort of just hanging there. I gave her a bath in warm water and put her in a cage with food and water so she can rest by herself. Will this heal on its own? Has anyone else ever had this happen to chicken?
  2. reba353

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    Oct 13, 2014
    North Alabama
    I had a chicken whose leg showed similar signs and she could not stand up or walk, we just kept her isolated and gave her foods such a eggs with brewers yeast. still not sure what the exact problem was but after a week she seemed perfectly fine. From what I have heard, chickens legs are very thick-skinned so most injuries will heal on their own given time.
  3. Stormy Cashmere

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    Feb 3, 2015
    Yesterday,one of my hens was laying down and wouldn't move. I picked her up and noticed she was limping. Nothing seemed wrong with her foot. I felt her leg and I thought it was more of the muscle and joint area. I stretched her leg some and she was fine. But she's still limping and laying down. If she wants something,she gets up. I gave her some food and water in the shade. She poops normally,she's alert,breathing right,no blood. Any advice,something I can do?

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