Chicken is Alert but Stays in Coop and Only Drinks Water


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May 5, 2017
Hi all! Long-time member of the Backyard flock and I want to take a moment to thank you all for your posts in the past because I have solved almost every chicken problem I've had with this site. However, I haven't found one pertaining to my situation this time so I have to make my own.

I have a 10month old hen named Honey Pie who, this morning, ate, drank and laid an egg, per usual, but when I got home from work today I found her away from the flock (which is weird cuz shes the Head Hen and usually leads the pack). She walked normally, ran away from me when I tried to catch her but she wouldn't eat and had her wings a tiny bit open in intervuls.
I felt her crop and it was soft, like when she only drinks water, but her breath doesn't stink like is evident of sour crop (not ruling it out). She tried to sleep in the yard but the other chickens and pigeons made it impossible so she hopped up into her coop.
I put some apple cider vinegar in her water and the water in the coop. She's drinking a lot and is still very alert. shes balanced on her coop pole and her crop is now firm with all the water she's been drinking. I shut the coop up so the other girls wouldn't bug her.
I can't find any recent poops but the ones from last night under her sleeping spot seem solid if not a bit grassy.
The other chickens are ok.
I don't know what to treat her for or if I should be treating her at all.

Any ideas?
I Wouldnt say shes better. she still won't leave the coop and she's holding her wings out a bit. shes eating eggshells now. I have no idea whats happening.

does eating dirt and eggshells mean shes getting better?
Wish I could answer that, I just don’t know. Hopefully someone who does will jump in to help. Is she eating her food at all? Have you checked around her vent, under wings for bugs?
Thanks for the links! shes full of energy and eating and drinking and pooping but i think she might have an impacted crop cuz for the last 3 mornings her crop has been a little full. shes still draining most of it so it cant be a full blockage but i'm glad she seems to be back to normal.
thanks again!
If her crop has been a little full first thing in the morning before she's has access to food or water, she definitely has a crop problem. Is there feed and/or water in the coop or do they chickens have to wait until you let them out to eat and drink? You can't be totally sure about the crop if she has access to feed and water before you feel her crop.

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