Chicken is lethargic, need opinions!


8 Years
May 10, 2011
My 2 year old chicken Peep has been very lethargic lately, she laid down in her coop run yesterday and wouldn't get back up, even when I brought out oatmeal for her, which normally makes my chickens come running to me. She tried to stand up but when she did, she fell over and couldn't get back up. I put her in a box in her coop last night and tried to give her water, but she wouldn't take it. Any ideas?

look listen and feel for other symptoms. how is her poo? how is her breathing? is she laying? is any boogers or mucus present. feel her stomach is it hard or squishey. is she straining from behind? how is her vent is it soiled? are there any bugs present. check her legs are the color normal? are they curled up. look for ANY other sign that can give you a clue as to the problem. listen closely to her breathing is there any wheeze? gargle? once you look for other signs please post and we can be of more help then. does she appear to be straining from the vent? look for all these things then let us know. its hard to guess right now with out some other symptoms. also keep her hydrated if you have to give the water from a syringe. let us know what you find as for symptoms.

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