Chicken is too weak to stand, feels warm everywhere


Aug 10, 2021
Hi everyone! I’m new to this forum but hoping you can help.
Three days ago my wife found one of our chickens barely conscious. She brought her inside and set up a storage tote for her with some blankets and put together some food and water. When I first saw her I told my wife I was concerned that this wouldn’t end well, the chicken could barely keep her head up.

After a few hours of work my wife was able to get her food and water and she began to become much more alert.

We are now at day 3 and the chicken has reverted some, she is very alert but seems uninterested in food and has to be coached some to drink her water. I also noticed she is very warm to the touch everywhere, her feet feel warm to me.

Finally she hasn’t stood up for 3 days. She keeps her feet curled and never feet even tries to use them, day one she could really control her wings or weight, now she does great shifting her body weight when she needs to get comfy and we can tell her wings are more managed and relaxed.

I saw a list of questions that needed answered for this forum here we go:

1) Barred Rock, 1 year and her weight does not feel very different from normal.
2) Unable to stand, possible temperature throughout their body, general uninterest in food and water, heavy panting in air conditioning and she’s drinking water most of the time unaided.
3) She has been like this for 3 days
4) The rest of the flock is fine.
5) No signs of blood or trauma
6) It has been a hot humid summer in Florida. Earlier this summer she was quite broody, we think she may have been brooding on a very hot day, otherwise we can’t figure it out.
7) Yesterday her appetite was great she ate anything we through at her, feed, scratch, melon, worms.
8) Her poop was runny on day one but looks normal now.
9) We have had her separate from the flock and giving her plenty of food and water. We have also added Amprolium to her water during our trial and error in case it would help.
10 ) If possible we would like to treat completely.
11) Isn’t really anything possible to capture. Her crop wasn’t full when we found her like this but is now, and her crown is the right color and look.
12) Normal bedding is wood shavings and a coop, current bedding is towels and a Rubbermaid container with no lid (she’s too weak to even want to try to escape).

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