Chicken isn't laying...


8 Years
May 19, 2015
I started with two hens that someone gave me ( I now have 4), one of which isn't laying. She hasn't since I've had her (3 months now). Her comb is an "ashy" red..not bright, and her vent is pale. She is healthy, she eats well and is a feisty girl (but really just a big "chicken" lol). I am wondering if it's her age (too young or too old). Her poop is watery. She isn't sick. She's never coughed or sneezed since I've had her. What could cause her not to lay egg?. There are no predators to frighten her, the weather is lovely, she's not molting... Anyone have any advice? Thanks.
Welcome! There are so many reasons! Have a fecal sample checked, or just worm everyone and treat for lice and mites. Are you feeding a balanced diet? She may still be stressed about the move. Is she molting? She could be ill; she'll hide signs of illness as long as possible. Is she very thin? Bloated? Picked on? Good luck with her, Mary
Hi Mary, My girls are free range, but I also provide a local feed laying pellets. She should be settled in from the move by now. I would think. She seems very happy. She is not molting, and has no symptoms of illness, never has (3 months going on now since I got her). I am starting to think she is just too old or something, but shouldn't older hens at least lay a few times despite their age? She isn't thin looking, or picked on (there is only 4 and she is pretty dominating). Maybe some type of reproductive disease (???) I wish she would just lay already, but I love her anyways. She's pretty and funny to watch.

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