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  1. organicsoul419

    organicsoul419 New Egg

    Mar 15, 2013
    We should have the right to have chickens in our backyards?Why do we need to pay $1000 permit to carry chickens,its alot cheaper to have chickens in our backyard than to go to the store to buy eggs that's been shipped half way cross the country,we should not have to go through this much trouble to get our food.My name is April Ouk, I'm a mother of three toddlers and I really want my kids to know where our food comes really come from.Watch "Food Inc." and you know what I'm talking about.I would love to have my own backyard chickens or hens.I try to go get some fertile chickens eggs today and was told I couldn't have chickens in Chesterfield,VA That's very upsetting to hear.Whoever can help change the law and let people have chickens things would be alot better.

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