Chicken Lice Treatments?


10 Years
Aug 12, 2009
I noticed a prolapsed vent on one hen,so I brought her in to wash,get the insides in,and put hem cream on. Anyway while doing those tihngs I noticed the tan little bugs by vent.Looked it up and it is chicken lice. Great.

Does anyone use the bag dusting method with SEVIN? Is this the easies? I also read you can use kitten flea spray.Is this a better option to start with?

I just cleaned and changed the shavings. Do I need to do so again or just sprinkle some SEVIN in the shavings and on the roosts?

What have you done to treat for lice that is easy and effective???

Thank you!!!!!
I sprinkle Sevin on the roosts and in the next boxes and I've never had lice or mites. I know of lots of peeps who dust their chickens' bottoms, just be careful not to get in in their face.
I've found the easiest method is to mix a cup of DE with a 1/4 cup of Sevin. I then mix this into the top 1/2 of one of the chicken created dust bowls. That way the chickens self medicate.
The amount of Sevin when mixed with the dirt is minisule. I don't think it would have an adverse affect however, I have no hard data to back up my assumption so it must be up to each individual to make the decision on waiting or not.
You can put Sevin in a nylon stocking and use it like a powder puff to dust them. Or put their body in a bag (neck out) with Sevin and shake the bag around them. Do not hold by the neck while shaking. Try not to inhale any dust.
Sevin dust is 95% DE, 5% carbaryl...this is what kills the lice/mites. Google "MSDS for sevin dust" and scroll down to the bottom.
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