Chicken limping. I do not feel crepidis

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    Dec 26, 2010
    I have a rooster that is limping. I have checked him out. I do not feel crepitus (bone rubbing together), no broken bones. I felt both of his leg, one feels swollen. Both legs have full range of motion. He twitches his left leg, the injured one, when it in a certain position (non-weight bearing). I do not know what else i can do for my rooster. What can I do for his comfort. We have contained him to a cage to reduce to walking around. When we shot the video we let him out for a daily outing for a few minutes. Could he have a dislocation of the hip? Possibly sprained?

    Please let us know what we can do to insure his comfort and treatment.

    LINKS to videos........

    Thanks so much for you help.

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    You know, really, even a vet might not be able to give you an answer. Hopefully, it is some sort of strain or sprain, and he'll recover with rest and warmth. You can give a baby aspirin a day -- often they will just eat it for you. That will actually reduce inflammation some, as well as, hopefully, give him some pain relief.

    Good luck to both of you.n
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