Chicken Little is her name and she makes me laugh.

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    Apr 12, 2012
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    My smallest Cuckoo Maran has always been my favorite. Since she is smaller and slower than the others, I've caught and held her the most. I call her Chicken Little. Some time ago, I saw her pecking at a small, white object and after checking it out found it to be a broken piece of pottery about the size of a quarter. On the outer side, it held a colorful design of green leaves, and pink and blue flowers.

    When I picked it up I noticed Little was very concerned that I had her prize. She snatched it out of my fingers and ran! When she ran, the other chicken noticed and ran after her. Soon there was a tug-o-war, but Chicken Little triumphed.[​IMG] She was left to play with her prize and the other chicken went back to doing what they love the most.

    She has found and dug up six pieces of this pottery and seems to be the only one interested in it. Is this common for chicken to have “toys?” Should I buy bird toys for her?


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    how cute!!! [​IMG]
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    So, she's a treasure hunter! Neato!
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    Aw, how sweet is that?! [​IMG]

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