Chicken making weird noises


7 Years
Apr 13, 2012
My one rooster makes weird noises when he gets worked up. Sounds like wheezing or coughing. I treated with denagard thinking it was a respiratory infection. It didn't help. He doesn't have a runny nose or eyes. Seems healthy and none of the others have this. Is it normal or something going on?
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I made it public but it's still not showing. Here's the link maybe it will work.

I made it public but it's still not showing. Here's the link maybe it will work.

It worked, thank you. I haven't had chickens enough to know anything about them beyond 2 weeks of age, unfortunately. BUT...since that link works perfectly fine, I hope someone else will be along shortly. I'm interested to know the answer, because if I heard that in my chickens I wouldn't think anything of it (would think it sounds normal since I don't know any different).

Beautiful roo by the way.
It appears that the cause might be environmental rather than anything bacterial, viral, or fungal. I say this because he is simply acting bright eyed and bushy tailed...I saw no symptoms whatsoever of any onset of a disease. If he were sick he wouldnt be as active as he is.
I heard the chirps in between his chattering (normal.) The chirps could be caused by possibly something stuck in his throat or crop, or maybe a type of sneeze from inhaling feed dust or debris. I recommend that you dont do anything for a few days and see if it passes on its own. If you see or hear that it's getting worse or a decline in his health in some manner, we can address it then. Until then, just observe and monitor your roo.

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