Chicken math strikes again!


The Odd One
11 Years
Apr 7, 2011
Montgomery, Alabama
So, I went to the feed store with my dad today and I had intended to get one black aussie chick. Well, I ended up with a RIR chick, too. Granted, the RIR is my dad's, but still, I only went to get one. The Aussie's name is Jazzy and the RIR is Red... because dad doesn't name his chickens and I need a way to explain who's doing what.

Red is taking a 'dirt' bath and Jazzy is pecking at the shavings. Jazzy is so much bigger than Red.

I just had a flashback when I read that your black chick was named Jazzy. Ohe of the first chooks Ive ever had's name was Jazzy and she was also black. SHe passed away two years ago. She was the one wheo inspired my chicken dreams. If it wasnt for her passing, I wouldve never had my flock today. RIP my Jazzy...

And welcome to the world, Jazzy and Red!
Those are cute little chicks.

I have gotten my first 5 and already want to add to my flock. I keep looking at the different breeds and colors and making a list of what I want. I have buff orpingtons right now and would love to add some lavender, blue, black, and gray ones to the flock. I can see that this is going to be an expensive hobby

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