Chicken math

Mine were actually scared of crickets at first! Hopping little devils!!!

Now they are gone in 30 seconds!

Anyone know if mealworks meant for lizards from say petco or petsmart could carry parasites that the chicks/chickens could get????
Just something ive been wondering
Want to see some fun?

Put three or four crickets in a mason jar (with the top on) and place it in the middle of the coop.

Cook up a bowl of Ramen (sp?) noodles and put the bowl in the coop.

Any other ideas?
I wouldn't worry about parasites. Just make sure you get 'organophosphate free' ones. Organophosphates accumulate in the bird and when you eat their eggs they will accumulate in you = not good!
For me, the most hilarious is a tomato worm. Those things are sturdy enough to stand up to the funniest game of tug-o-war you ever saw!
I hope you've remembered to make sure the two-week olds are getting access to grit so they can digest the worms.

I find that earth worm treats are the absolute best way to train baby chicks to come when they're called. I hold out the worms and call, "Babies!" They learn very quickly to come when I call "Babies!"

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