Chicken Names

1, 2, 3. Its too hard to eat somebody that you are on a first name basis with.Any critter that might be on the table down the road only gets a number around here.
A critter got all my 15 last year, all had names. They had "old lady" names, like Hazel & Maude. My new batch are named for places we want to travel to, except Seven. The hubs said we should get 7 instead of 5 like I'd planned. We thought about numbers too, lol.(ended up w 8, but 3 are bantams)
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I like hazel!!!!
We had an EE named Hazel. Her EE sister was supposed to be Mabel , but DS ended up calling her Maple Syrup & it stuck, lol.
We had Hazel, Maple, Molly, Trudy, Prudy, Missy, Sydney, LooLoo (avatar pic), Tinkerbelle (she was a feisty Minorca who was our best layer & brooder), and a few others that have slipped my mind.
Now we have Fiji, Italy, Waikiki, Liberty, Subic Bay, Auzy, Spring, Rosie, Kerry, Half Moon Cay, Lucky Seven (only supposed to get 7 & ended up w 13), New Orleans,& Taloola. All named after places we've traveled to or plan to.

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