Chicken nearly a year old, and not really laying

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    Jan 17, 2017
    Hi All!
    I actually have a couple of questions. First, is the chicken on the left an australorp? I think that was one of the types that I got, but I'm not totally sure. Second, the chickens were all hatched on Feb.23, 2016. Only the black sex link and buff orpington are laying. The buff didn't lay while she was molting, but has been back at it for a month or so. The one on the left laid a couple of times in October, but nothing since. She also molted, but has been done with that for at least a month.

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    the chicken on the left looks like she has barring ... most likely a barred rock

    most hens take a break in the winter except sex links and a few others.. My BO aren't laying. My ISA,1 BR and 1 BJG are.
    try giving them sunflower seeds as treats to up the protein.. no more than 10% of their feed should be treats..some need more protein and make sure they have oyster shells that they can eat if they need more calcium.
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    Black and white bird on the left looks like a Barred Rock. Black with fluffy butt to the camera, I can't tell for sure. The reddish bird is not an Orpington, wrong color and body shape. maybe a production red?

    What are you feeding? Do they free range during the day? Have you looked for hidden nests?
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    Jan 17, 2017
    Thanks for the replies!
    I feed them layer food. I give them nuts, greens and cottage cheese as treats. They also free range for a few hours every day. The black and white one did have a hidey hole the couple of times that she laid. We easily found it. Now she just doesn't lay. We have searched the yard and found nothing. Maybe she just doesn't want to lay in the winter.
    Thanks for the info on what she might be! That wasn't one of the names that they said when I chose them, but they absolutely could have been wrong!
    Thanks again!

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