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Sep 27, 2015
Has anyone tried to use chickens nipples for newly hatched chicks, once moved to the brooder? Do you have to start out with the dishes? This is my first time incubating and I hated the dishes in the past with chicks. They always made such a mess. I love using the chicken nipples but I don't know if that can be the first thing used or if I have to start out with the dishes. Thanks in advance


Dec 16, 2015
Yeah, baby chicks always seem to know that the best way to drink water is through both of their feet at the same time.

I get that a lot from mine.

I completely fix that problem with just human drink bottles. The kind everyone uses and throws out. I cut one so it is about 10cm tall. Then I cut a few finger sized holes around it a bit up from the bottom. Then I invert another drink bottle into it. Presto, the perfect drinker for chicks. They can't stand in it, although a few have managed to squeeze through the holes and so you get practice making them smaller. I mean it's just discarded human drink bottles so they are all free so who cares that you practice eh ? I get a lot of compliments for mine like "hey that's smart" and "hey that's a great idea" or "best idea I've seen so far" and so on.

I do the same for their food. The inverted bottle in that case has two pairs of cuts down from the top where the screw on lid goes, it's so that when it is inverted the crumbles can still fall out. It's the perfect crumbles feeder for no mess.

The fastest way to fill the water bottle each day after rinsing it is to immerse it in water and give it a few squeezes.

Did I mention that they are free and perfect ? enough said.

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