Chicken noises?

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8 Years
May 12, 2011
Whenever i come to my coop all the chickens rush the door and start making this horrible WEERREEEAAAACHHHH WWWEEEAAARRRRAARRCHHHHH WEEERRRAAACK noise. What does this mean? are they scared or are then interested or happy or sad? or what? It's really awkward
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In chicken language that phrase means "Where's the food? We're hungry! Where's the food?!!!!!"

Mine speak that exact phrase when I enter the pen, since I am the almighty bringer of food.
OHHHH hahaha thanks you are probably right because I usually take the table scraps out to them and throw them into the run area through a hole in the fence. Also they most always make then noise as they are running to the place where the hole in the fence is where the food goes

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