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    I have a barred rock that was attacked by a dog about 2 months ago. She is healing nicely. She was laying eggs for about a month or so right after she was attacked and was still healing. Now she has stopped laying eggs and is not eating like she should. She pecks here and there but her crop never feels full. So I am tube feeding her 1x a day. I am looking for any ideas why this could be happening. The area that she sustained injury was to the thigh area. The vet took a look at it for free and said that it was healing very well but she might have some nerve damage to that area. So I am trying to figure out what is going on... I do not know how old she is. My guess is 2-3 years. Any help is appreciated.
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    Has she lost weight?
    What type of food/treats do you feed?

    Can she move around - how are you keeping her?

    You can try giving her wet feed - make a "mash" out of it. Add some chopped egg or tuna in the food to make it more enticing.
    Since she has stopped laying - have you noticed if she is molting or possibly due to shorter daylight hours? Sometimes when they stop laying, food consumption will reduce slightly.

    If you haven't done so, weigh her to get a baseline weight, then weigh her daily at the same time each day to see if she is maintaining or losing weight.
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    People, some vets included, often overlook the possibility of internal injuries when a chicken is attacked. In fact, it's more likely to occur than external injuries.

    I recommend you continue as you have with the tube feeding. Give her time to heal, both externally and internally, and you should see improvement in her behavior in a few more weeks.

    Or she won't make it, which is an outcome you need to prepare yourself for.

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