Chicken not friendly to new chickens


Jul 17, 2019
We’ve had chickens for almost 2 yrs now. Throughout that time, we’ve lost a few and were left with one, who happened to be the “leader” of the flock. The day she lost her sister we immediately went and picked up 3 new ones of the same or similar age to keep her company. The 3 new ones are all friends, as they’re familiar with each other since they came from the same home. Our original chicken seems to have 0 interest in them, and often scares them off if they may have found a treat in the yard that she wants. When we go down to see them, the 3 newbies are generally all together and our OG sticks to our sides and follows us everywhere. I understand that a new pecking order has to be established but I would like them all to be friends :-( how long does this take? We’ve had the new ones for 3 days now. Thank you

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