Chicken not walking, not bumblefoot.

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    I have a female buff orpington (a little over a year old) who, a few days ago, stopped walking. Instead of going around on her feet, she would crawl using the rest of her legs; she seems like she could be a little sick too. There's no discharge from her eyes or nose, and no struggling to breath, but her cluck isn't as strong as before. We separated her from the rest of the flock, and put garlic in her water. She's doing okay, and got a little better, but still isn't walking, and still has the weak cluck. I don't believe she's eggbound because she would be dead by now, but she hasn't laid any eggs since we brought her inside. I couldn't find any abnormalities on her feet either, so I'm fairly certain it's not bumblefoot.

    There are also little red bugs that can be seen crawling around her vent area, but I couldn't find any bugs like that with specific links to paralysis. She has an appetite, and when we go out to see her she tries to stand but then gives up. She doesn't seem to be paralyzed since she can still move her feet, so it might just be weakness or something. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the problem might be, as well as a solution? I hate to see her suffer, and she really wants to be with the rest of the flock.

    thanks a lot!
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    The little red bugs are lice or mites and they will suck the life right out of her. You want to dust her with Sevin Dust (5%) right away if you have it (also treat the coop and other chickens) or if you do not - give her a bath in Dawn dish washing detergent. Here is an article with pictures:

    up an egg or two, chop with the shell and give to her - she needs a boost to her system. In 7-10 days you will need to retreat everyone and the coop again to kill any nits that have hatched from eggs.
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    Quote:Yes, the mites/lice will weaken a bird fast. you should see an inmprovement in 24 hours. A friend had a bird and the same symptomes, perhaps even worse, he dusted the bird and the next day it was so much better.

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