Chicken obsession?


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8 Years
Feb 8, 2011
What is up with the "can't stop bringing them home from TSC" syndrome? I read thread after thread of folks getting sucked into farm stores and hatcheries only to bring home 6 more cute fuzzy chicks. Do you remember the commercial some time ago (I think it was Capital One) with David Spade? The one where he was always using the word "No" in every conversation with customers? Weather alert...they are calling for a NOstorm, Tic Tac NO, Marco NOlo, NOloha, etc.

I am the master of NO. I can take my 2 girls to any pet store and leave with NOTHING!!! I can play with any homeless puppy or kitten and walk away with NO feelings of remorse.

Anyway, did I tell you that I'm taking some time off work Tuesday to pick up 15 teeny weeny fuzzy wuzzy ISAB's? I challenge them to melt my heart of dry ice!! I'll let you NO how I'm doing next week.

Is there a prize or anything for those who can resist??

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