Chicken pairs in Michigan- pick up only (and a extra roo)

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    May 6, 2011
    Battle Creek, MI
    My mom has 3 sets of chickens for sale:

    Golden Cuckoo Maran pair- last summer hatch, roo & hen- $25 for both- must go together

    Millie Fluer D'Uccle pair- roo summer hatch, hen spring hatch- non hatchery stock - $15 for both- must go together

    Millie Fluer/calico Bantam Cochin hens (2) very nice type & color 1 1/2 yr old pied MF smooth, and a mostly red & white tipped frizzle from last spring hatch (frizzle is bare backed at the moment), both come from MI based breeder $25 for both hens- must go together

    Also have a frizzled gold lace Polish rooster asking $5 (standard- large fowl)

    Please contact Linda at:734 972 4222

    she is located in Chelsea- just northwest of Ann Arbor

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