Chicken pecked and blood appeared, what do I do


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I am new to chicken raising. I am sure that this is a basic question for some of you. I noticed today that the chickens were picking on my Americauna. They have successfully plucked a lot of tail feathers from her. But in the process of this, they have also made her bleed. I was able to catch her and separate her in our portable coop which I set up in the garage. Is there something I should put on the area where blood appeared? How long should I keep her separated from the others? Thanks.
I am waiting for my DH to come home to help me clean it with a towel and water. Is this ok?
Confused and worried in MA
If the wound isn't really deep, i always use a blue-kote type product. It's spray-on or dab-on blue-dyed antiseptic that protects the wound and helps camouflage it from the other chickens. I use it every time, and i love it! It really simplifies things.

Warning: it will also stain your hands purple!
Buy some styptic powder and apply. It will probably happen again, because they are establishing the pecking order. Don't keep her separated to long, or you will have to reintroduce her to the flock. It will all be good in the end, normal chicken behavior. Hope this helps.
I had one chicken that the other 17 meat birds pecked all the feathers on the back of her neck off down to the skin. I seperated her for two days until I got some Rooster Booster - Peck No More (can't remember the official name) from the local feed store. After applying it I put her back into the run with the other meaties. They pecked one time, didn't like the taste I guess and they never pecked her again. She has now grown all of her neck feathers back and everyone is happy again.
I've had that happen and use blue-kote-wear gloves though and you can put her back right away-I'm always checking them when i'm out there and have it handy-when they molt some of them walked around purple for quite awhile due to some bleeding.
Thanks for the helpful advice. I went out first thing this morning and purchased some blue kote and placed it on the butt and placed her back in the coop. They tried to peck and didn't like the blue kote and stopped. I feel so relieved. Thanks again.

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