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Make sure that they are getting enough protein (at least 18%). Supplementing them with scrambled eggs, sunflower seeds, wet cat food, or mealworms can give them more protein and help them molt faster.

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Yes, sounds like molting season has hit your territory! Wyandottes7 X2...lots of added proteins can really help with growing those new feathers. I like to cook up some ground turkey or ground beef and feed that to them every other day during molting season. Really boosts the protein and gives them the added oils for the skin and keeping warm throughout the molt. Molting can be stressful on the birds, so try your best to keep the stress down in the coop, give them all the extra room they need so they aren't picking on each others pin feathers and try not to pick them up much as to not break any blood feathers.

Good luck with your flock and welcome to ours!
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