Chicken rattling on exertion only


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Aug 22, 2017
Chelmsford Ontario
May be related...our new dog (not chicken trained yet) squeezed out past my husband and ended up chasing and biting one of our 13 chickens. We were horrified and worried about her (her name is Tippy). I noticed right away that she was breathing rough but I figured she had just run really fast and then had a traumatic bite. We gave her the night to get through her shock and then the next morning we rinsed out the tear and the puncture wound (They never that normal?) and put polysporin on them for several days. Now her breathing is normal except for when she gets worked up. Then she sounds like she's gargling water. Maybe the dog bite was a separate issue and Tippy was breathing odd before but we didn't hear. Details below

1) Tippy is a Red Sexlink and was 1yr old last month though we've only owned her for 3 months. She seems to be of average size

2) Tippy was in shock. We put her in a shaving strewn covered dog crate in our bathroom to keep her warm and quiet and gave her some water with sugar in it. She survived the shock and seems completely better behaviour wise. She is eating and drinking (water mixed with VetRx now) and seems anxious to rejoin the flock. When breathing normally, she sounds fine. When i went to take her outside to rejoin the flock, she got nervous and started breathing faster and the gurgling sound was loud and awful. Her wounds have scabbed over and seem to be healing.

3) the bite and raspy breathing started early evening 4 days ago.

4) no other birds seem to be exhibiting the same problems but its hard to be sure

5) Gave sugar water that night plus regular layer pellets. 3 days ago we gave her regular water plus scrambled eggs for protein and some veggies and black oil seeds plus regular layer pellets. 2 days ago I started her on VetRx as recommended by our feed store owner for chicken breathing problems and she's enthusiastically eating every treat I offer (we have a good trusting relationship...i weird but I love them)

6) Her poop is soft

7) I would like to treat this myself as the cost of starting a new farm (previous city folk here!) has taken all our money but I'll take her to a vet rather than lose her.
I read that thyme is good for breathing problems. Has anyone tried This?

Sorry for the length of this post but I am hoping to give a clear picture so I can hopefully help Tippy get better. Thank you in advance

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